Our solutions for project management support all planning and monitoring tasks. They are designed as multi-project solutions – i.e. planning and resource management are possible across projects, so that organization-wide planning and analysis is possible at any time. All features can also be used with any mobile device.
The most important features are as follows:

  • Planning: Creation of network plans, bar charts, work breakdown structures, lists of requirements and other planning elements.
  • Resource management: Allocation of tasks to existing resources (employees, machines, rooms, …) and control of their utilization.
  • Controlling: recording of expenses, accounting control of the project budget, monitoring of the project progress as well as adherence to deadlines and forecasting of key figures.
  • Document management: administration and archiving of project documents.
  • Collaboration: Handling of project communication and support of project management processes, e.g. by mapping workflows or Kanban boards.