Consulting Services

  • Microsoft Power Platform
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft 365
  • Azure DevOps
  • Software Engineering

Stuck with a problem in your SharePoint PowerApps form? Your PowerAutomate flow is not working as expected?

We offer consulting on a per hour base. Often a small hint or push in the right direction gets your solution going – especially in smaller projects regarding:

  • SharePoint
  • Microsoft Power Platform
  • Azure DevOps (CI/CD pipelines)

We speak English and German.

Want to migrate to SharePoint Online or OneDrive in a guided process?

Our migration pipelines help you to control the comms flow and to automate migration processes like:

  • Notifying users about upcoming migrations
  • Running assessment jobs
  • Auto-schedule meetings with stakeholders
  • Setting up environments (e.g. setting permissions for source environment on read-only when a migration starts)
  • Running migration jobs
  • Deprovisioning migrated environments

Example scenarios:

  • Migrate SharePoint on-prem to SharePoint Online
  • Migrate file shares to SharePoint
  • Migrate file shares to OneDrive
  • Migrate Exchange on-prem to Exchange Online

Interested in engineering a cloud solution basing on the Microsoft technology stack?

Our dev team might be a valuable backing for your team, regarding:

  • Software architecture
  • Software engineering and implementation
  • CI/CD pipeline setup