CoChat: AI powered full featured chatbot


AI powered full featured chatbot

Sophisticated enterprise communication with CoChat, our AI Chatbot Solution, designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing data infrastructure. Harness the power of AI to provide instant, accurate responses to customer inquiries, streamline internal workflows, and unlock actionable insights from your enterprise data. Our chatbot is grounded in your unique datasets, enabling personalized interactions that improve over time. Empower your business with a chatbot that doesn’t just answer questions—it understands your business needs and evolves with them. Transform your data into meaningful conversations and elevate your customer service to new heights with our AI Chatbot Solution.

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Our platform provides a robust Retrieval-Augmented Generation system that enhances the capabilities of large language models. With CoChat you can effortlessly reason over specific or proprietary data, ensuring that your enterprise content is fully leveraged. Transform your data into actionable insights and discover the future of data processing – efficient, secure, and intelligent.

You can ground the bot to any of your enterprise data and use it for several use cases, e.g.:

  • Customer facing chatbot – for example on you corporate website
  • Internal chatbot for smart information retrieval from you enterprise knowledge