Email management

A large part of corporate communication today takes place via e-mail – however, e-mails are often not classified and systematically filed in the same way as other documents

In many companies today, e-mails make up a large part of the documents …
… but are not stored together with any other process-related documents (e.g. for orders)
… neither classified with metadata for quick retrieval
… and managed separately in mailboxes or other folders, e.g. on a mail server
Emails are documents …
… and must therefore be treated like all other documents
… also how these are classified and stored in a context-related manner

With our document management solutions, you can store e-mails together with other documents in SharePoint

  • contextually related to the projects, tasks or other processes to which they belong
  • automatically classified with metadata so that they can be quickly retrieved at any time
  • available mobile at any time

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